Promoting a Dementia-Friendly

Marlborough, Massachusetts


Front Row: Mia Cassanelli, Kailee Lazaros

Back row: Jeffrey Corkins, Tori Ford, Lilly Sullivan, Shanelis Deleon Lockett, Sebastian Hernandez,  Braulia Herrera, Naomi Rosario

Standing on right:  LPN students Comfort Peprah, Angelica Heredia and Dakota Ribiero

Under the direction of Ellen Santos, MSN, RN, CNE, and Kathy Faddoul, RN, Assabet Health Technology students and Practical Nursing students are working together on a project to become the first Dementia Friendly School.  This will be an impactful way of spreading the Dementia Friendly initiative for years to come by educating the future tradespeople of the community.


Many Assabet departments serve older adults in their shops and many students will graduate as trade’s people who will be entering homes in this community.  Practical nurse students and Health Technology students have participated in a training program from the Alzheimer’s Association as well as having clinical experience.  They are using their expertise and understanding to help to educate other students in the school about the problems of living with dementia and some strategies to help persons with dementia they may encounter in their work.


The Health Tech and Practical Nurse - Dementia Friendly teams have completed Phase One and Two of the project.  The practical nurse students, Class of 2016, completed Phase One, community surveys to determine the need and focus for the project.

Phase Two had the goal of peer to peer education of all of the 17 technical programs at Assabet. Under the direction of Kathy Faddoul, RN, the teams have visited all programs. At the end of the sessions the shops were given written information about dementia, resources and a decal to display, identifying their shop as Dementia Friendly.  On Friday June 9 the teams placed the final decals on the front and back entrances labeling the school as Dementia Friendly.

Phase Three will take place in the upcoming school year and is still in the planning stages.


Assabet is proud to be working on a community wide project and the education the students will provide for each other is one more way that we show our commitment to be the best we can be.

COME 2 B Dementia-Friendly Marlborough,

40 New Street (Senior Center), Marlborough, MA  01752

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